Quick Pause for station identification!
by alparrott

As you can see, the default page when you come to GBK is now the latest comic, and you can steer directly to the last few comics, rather than having to enter the archive. Unfortunately, this buries the wonderful blogs in the blog page. But if you are dedicated enough, you will be able to find them. ("Dedicated" seems like an apt word to use for GBK fans. "Mentally unstable" and "restraining order" also spring to mind.)

Also, put your hands together for Cris, my wonderful wife and now production assistant! Not only has she assumed some very critical tasks, such as posting comics when I'm out of town and erasing pencils after inking, she herself inked the Sawblade Frisbee strip you will see next week. Best of all, I don't have to pay her (although that is only a matter of semantics, I'm sure).

I'll be travelling again next week, so the strip will be front-loaded while I'm gone. I'll check in on y'all a week hence. Don't trash the place while I'm gone.