The Future of GBK as I see it
by alparrott

First off, I want to say thank you to the apparently many of you who look at this comic, passing 20,000 views and getting into the top thousand in ratings on is pretty heady stuff for a guy who's only been doing this a few months.

The sad unfortunate news is, work is going to necessitate a breather from GBK in the New Year. I will be relocating and for a period of at least a couple of weeks I'll have to put the kibosh on killing kittens until I have myself a new place with internet.

I want to get to strip number 500 before I do that, and since I'm all the way to 420 (by my fractured numbering convention), that means I can be there in about a month, especially if I throw in some bonus strips.

Here's the thing, though: After killing this damn cat 500 times, I'm not sure if the old brain well is gonna have any more juice in it. I mean, theme weeks are coming closer and closer together now, not so much because I love them, but because I resort to them when my creativity takes a dump. And then i get to Thursday or Friday (or Tuesday) and realize that the theme didn't help at all, I'm just as stuck as I was before I dreamed up the theme. (Greem Myths week and Movie Week, I'm talking to you.)

So my couple of weeks attending to the growing pains of life will be accompanied everywhere by a little notebook, in which I will write any GBK idea that materializes. If in three weeks I don't get a single idea - - well then, I may just let Kitty stay dead. 

To tell you the honest truth, Kitty is nearly non-marketable, not because none of you guys would buy GBK swag (oh yes you would!) but because I would get my arse sued off. While I would probably not lose, based on my read of parody protection in the law, I surely would waste a lot of money I don't have on lawyers, equalling a net loss for the property. So I have been toying with the idea of going to another concept that nobody will sue about, building on the notoriety that GBK has brought me.

For now, I think I can get to 500 without repeating myself or severely compromising the funny. After that... well, we'll see.


Good night ... and good luck.