Webcomic lists
by alparrott

So I wanted to take the opportunity to explain to you those little banners under the menu links that keep slowly multiplying. One of the best ways us webcartoonists can get people to our site is to include our comics in webcomic list sites. As it happens, all three of the sites I am listed on rank comics based on either votes or traffic.

The first banner is for The Webcomic List. This is a traffic driven ranking. In other words, it tracks how many people see the profile and the site and ranks you accordingly. It has closing on 15,000 webcomics listed, and I'm proud to say that GBK crawled up into the 800s rather quickly, where it has stayed for the last two or three weeks.

The second banner is for the Webcomics Super 100 list. This one ranks by votes and viewer ratings. GBK is usually somewhere in the top two pages out of several hundred (49 today).

The third banner is for this one is pure voting, and so the ranking seesaws wildly from one day (or minute!) to the next. I really don't have much interest in beating people by votes, so long as they check out the comics, but one neat thing they do at TWC is allow you to offer 'vote incentives' -i.e. special images available only to those who vote on TWC. My first incentive is an image I came up with for the cover of the second collection of GBK comics (which may yet see print someday).

Apparently, as I'm doing very well on all three lists, people dig this crazy cat and her blatant disregard for personal safety. So we'll see how long I can string this out. If i do decide to change projects, at least I'll have a somewhat loyal fan base to 'port over'.


Thanks for checking out these sites.