by alparrott

I am done moving (for now), and my brand new shiny all-in-one scanner-printer hums with unbridled potential for carnage. The pencils are sharpened, gleaming like obsidian teeth jutting from the maw of some crazed predatory reptile, while the Sharpies sit, poised, ready to strike like vipers.

Into this scene of barely repressed mayhem wanders a somewhat familiar cartoon character-slash-marketing icon with a markedly inadequate survival mechanism.

However, during my hiatus, as I concentrated on the matters of the day - namely, moving myself and my workplace halfway around the globe - I neglected to take any time to build up a significant backlog of life-or-death (mostly death) situations for Ms. Kitty. With that in mind, the comic is finally slimming down from three cartoons a day, to just one.

But I promise, the one cartoon you get a day will be the best cartoon I can possibly deliver to you.

Enjoy! It's good to be back.