Busy, busy!
by alparrott

So now with the reduced workload, Kitty is really fun again. Five strips is pretty painless to do all on one sitting in the weekend, and then I'm all done drawing for the week.

Or... am I?!?

I belong to the Mondo group, which is a loose confederation of some likeminded webcomics creators, most of whom got their start here on Comicfury. Mondo recently released a convention anthology (available for download here) which features some of the best of GBK alongside some other great comics talents.

In any case, while browsing the Mondo Forum, I noticed a topic dealing with a Mondo members-only comic jam which seemed to have stalled out. Here's page 1, setting up the premise:

And so I had an interesting character in mind, based off a conversation on yet ANOTHER website:

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
haha, oh yeah ... forgot about that. How's your memory, Al?

Frightening. I can memorize huge lists of info, and I still remember how to play songs I learned in high school back in the 80's. I know most of the actors in every movie and TV series I've ever watched, know what year all of Rush's studio albums were released, and still have some left over to memorize all the vital stats of the 20-someodd people who work with me. Why... how's yours ;)

So my idea was, a D-List superheroine who became one for all the wrong reasons, with a not-quite-useful power:

I was thinking (and sorry for stealing any thunder you were about to bring, Rob) that the second page could introduce a D-list superheroine who's a little burned out. 

She goes by the 
nom de guerre Mnemonique, and her debatable "superpower" is that she has absolutely perfect memory. She can remember everything she ever senses, essentially a human recorder. It's not an overly impressive power, but it has brought her to the attention of a more prominent detective-type hero named Hunterman, who has pretty much made her his crime scene recorder. He then interrogates her for hours until he gleans enough crime scene information to determine the perps, then makes the busts and takes the credit.

When we see her in the diner, she's drinking way too much coffee, chain smoking (despite the fact that it's a no-smoking diner), and agonizing over both her lot in life and the horrific things she's been forced to witness by Hunterman. And that will leave the door wide open for page three.

Rob did not object, so I began to flesh out this new character...

Then I decided to script the page, and post the script on the jam topic page, so that if anyone had gotten excited by this they could jump in at the end of my page without waiting for me to actually finish it.

Page 2
Panel 1
Closeup of a coffee cup and an ashtray, mostly full of butts. 
Caption: ... Those who didn't make the cut.
VB1: More coffee, hon?
VB2: Keep it coming.

Panel 2
A nondescript waitress with a caring face picks up the cup and fills it while addressing Mnemonique (offpanel).
Waitress: Another rough one, huh? I don't know why you stay with that jerk. -/- Or why you keep on wearing the tights, for that matter.

Panel 3
On Mnemonique's face as she lights up another ciggie. She's a careworn late-twenties woman, not especially gorgeous like 99% of superheroines, wearing a domino mask. 
Waitress (OP): I mean, you coulda been - -
Mnemonique: If I wanted advice, Flo... -/- ... I would call my mom.

Panel 4
Flo, the waitress, is not totally put off by this - she's probably treated this way often - but she calls to Mnemonique over her shoulder as she goes to put the coffee back on the burner.
Flo: Not everyone can be a superhero, hon.

Panel 5
Mnem pauses sucking down the cancer stick and stares into the coffee cup for a long, contemplative moment.

Panel 6
Someone calls to Mnem from the door and she turns to see who it is, sloshing a little coffee.
Someone (OP): -- Mnemonique?
Mnem: --huh?!

With that done, I did six panels - individually drawn, scanned, and shaded - and then combined them on one page with the balloons. I'm fairly pleased with the results, I think it tells the story well without having to go too expository, Stan Lee style (I'm sorry, Stan, but your characters say a LOT in the time it takes to punch someone!) - 

It was then time to rest on my laurels. Or was it?!

My good pal Effigy Power (Eff-Bomb as we lovingly call her) had been bugging me for a bit to do some fan art for her comic, RPGeneric. Now, i had spent a good part of my afternoon inking, and I was not about to ink any more today. So I penciled a piece and scanned it into Photoshop, fully intending to just give it to her as a pencil scan. But the pencils looked a little rough. I started playing around with filters and blurs on Photoshop to get something a little smoother looking, hit a wrong key, and suddenly:

That was a pretty happy accident.

So all in all, a pretty artistic day that got me happy to be home, and drawing, and producing. Thanks for looking at my stuff! (And I meant that quite innocently.)

Edit: Page three of the comic went up, drawn by my good pal Breck of Animal Magnetism. As far as I know this is the only site on the whole internets where you can see all three pages together. Page Four will be by Rob of Love Kills Slowly, and Effigy Power of RPGeneric will return for page 5. This may mean I will be next for page 6 - unless someone else from Mondo jumps onboard.