by alparrott

The site has probably been looking just slightly different lately. Effigy Power is, as usual, to blame. Our mutual friend Cyborg572 created a new spiffy layout for RPGeneric, which made me acutely mindful of how cluttered and haphazard I had allowed the GBK site to get. Code was in shambles. CSS styles were mismatched. It just looked... eww. Like opening your closet to find that in fact you haven't done laundry in five weeks.

So I cleaned up the code, streamlined the fonts to look alike, even resized the voting site links to all be the same size (which makes a big difference). One of the most interesting challenges had to do with the header, where the banner graphic and the archive search bar insisted on staggering off each other. Try as I might, resize one or the other and it would not quit staggering. 

I ended up resizing the banner to 333x60 pixels, which looks snappy; but the searchbar insisted on staggering off the banner. That's when i realized that the searchbar is defined by the longest title in the archive. I had one that had an excessively long title.... aha! One quick edit later and everything fit in place neatly.

To make the remodel complete, James and June at The Other Grey Meat featured a GBK t-shirt on one of their characters, appropriately base on their son who is a huge fan. The graphic that they assembled from my cues became the basis for my snazzy new banner. Thanks, guys! The icon even got a facelift.

The Mondo comic I mentioned in the last blog post is singing together nicely, with solicits between our creators all the way out to page 10. I'm excited to see where this goes... not that I might not save my original ideas for Mnemonique for my own story sometime. Teh comic has been registered here on Comicfury, so once we have a consensus we may start posting pages.

Also, my fan art piece for Eff-Bomb's RPGeneric posted this last Sunday, and it's gotten some nice comments.

I'll be starting out on a vacation this week, but no worries... I'll be working on the comics even while I'm chilling out at home.