Welcome aboard!
by alparrott

Sorry it took me awhile to get some words on the website here, but the first priority was to get the archive of comics I've amassed onto this website so that nobody misses out on the GBK hilarity.

My name is Al, and I'm the demented mind behind Goodbye Kitty. 

The webcomic summary pretty much says it all about this comic. Every weekday, I present you three more sick and sadly funny looks into the soon-to-be-extinguished life of a familiar cartoon character-slash-marketing icon. 

I've been at this since June, publishing it on a Facebook page (by the way, nothing prevents you from reading it at my website and also on Facebook); I decided to move it to its own page and will be attemping to do some RSS between the two shortly. (If you do go to the Facebook page, do feel free to become a fan!)

I do take requests, but I recommend you first scroll through my archive or do some searches on key words such as animal, fall, blades, gravity, bullets, pop culture, or blunt trauma, just to see if it's been done before. After all, I have 212 of these things so far.

If you have alighted on this site somehow after searching for Hello Kitty, I will recommend you turn back to Google and try again. Some (by no means all, but just enough) HK fans are detached enough from reality that I have been threatened by them. It's ironic: "How dare you kill that poor defenseless kitten? I hope you die!" ... ummm... okay...

Finally, I wanted to shared with you the general rules behind my cartoon, although as the guy who wrote them, I have no compunction about breaking them when it suits my purpose.

  • Kitty is never actually shown dying, because it hurts more when you imagine it.
  • Kitty is misguided, reckless, and remarkably ill-informed about safety, but is not normally suicidal. (There are exceptions, but they are comedic in nature.)
  • It is funnier when Kitty is indirectly, abstractly, or impersonally killed, than if someone is specifically shown killing Kitty.
  • Kitty will not be normally shown in situations that will only end in mere pain or lifelong injury. Death has to be the clear end result.
  • Kitty never, ever speaks or shows any emotion other than with body language.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!