Welcome back, GBK
by alparrott

Well, that was a nice restful break.

As you may have noticed, GBK is back. But this is not the same, daft, madcap gag-a-day strip I pulled the pin on, back in October 2010. No, I have a story to tell. 

In 2010, I tried to get a Grim Reaper feature off the ground with a submission to the second Mondo Anthology. For several personal and artistic reasons, what was getting onto paper was absolute crap, in my opinion. It was a cute little concept that might have made a nice ten-panel Sunday paper comic strip, but for 12 pages of story it simply wasn't cutting it. This burnout bled over into GBK, and I was just going through the motions. So I made three painful decisions: I cancelled the Grim Reaper sequence; I opted out of the Mondo Anthology; and I completed GBK's run on the same day I left my day job for good.

Fast forward to 2012. My new career and pursuits are going well, I'm enjoying a newfound fount of creativity, and the old Mondo gang is tangentially in touch from time to time; they're still doing cool comics things; and, well, I got an idea one slow afternoon at work.

The result is this forthcoming story arc. In many ways, it's much like the GR story I wanted to tell, but with a big difference. It also puts to rest many of the questions left over from the GBK strip, that maybe you didn't even know you needed to ask. It's also a little love letter-slash-parody of several of my favorite and least favorite storytelling tropes, from action-adventure to samurai revenge films to Frank Miller.

I really hope you enjoy it.