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Steam Punk (GBK#467)

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Steam Punk (GBK#467)
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alparrott 15th Mar 2010, 6:00 PM edit delete
I really have to get out and see Old Faithful sometime to see if it really is as regular as legend makes it out to be.


Magravan 15th Mar 2010, 6:45 PM edit delete
If it wasn't before, they probably have some underground system designed now to make sure it is.. Can't afford to lose the tourist trap ;)
Effigy_Power 15th Mar 2010, 11:25 PM edit delete
It's less faithful since the CHUDs have given up on Steam-Cleaning.

Also, Kitty seems to have a lot of pressure.
Working in a hostile atmosphere.
There are no holds BARred.
She will soon be a major in PSIchology because she enbroiled in Cook County Community College.

3 in one sentence... Nice.
alparrott 15th Mar 2010, 11:27 PM edit delete
Would have been even more impressive without the code fail, Eff-Bomb...
Effigy_Power 16th Mar 2010, 1:47 AM edit delete
If I fix it, it didn't happen.
alparrott 16th Mar 2010, 1:20 PM edit delete
What didn't happen... I'm so confused...