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Happiness Is A Warm Engine Block (GBK#476)

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Happiness Is A Warm Engine Block (GBK#476)
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alparrott 28th Mar 2010, 5:00 PM edit delete
My happy me-time at home continues. I'm calling it vacation, but it's actually no-work time. And Kitty apparently doesn't count as work.

Inspired by Magravan and Skrael's odyssey of home ownership, I will be accompanying my wife to a local builder to get an idea of what it will cost us to get a house built of our very own (no more rent! Yay!) The Castle Parrott will also have a shop out back, which will hold not only a music recording studio, but hopefully a place for the art studio to reside as well (that is, if we don't have room in the house).

Other good news: I will get my laptop or one just like it back within ten business days, and there won't even be any shipping or handling because Radio Shack will take care of all that for me. How cool is that? Of course, this is when I not-so-discreetly planted the bug in my wife's ear that she can take that laptop when it comes back, because I have my eye on a Macbook... more on this later!


Magravan 28th Mar 2010, 11:08 PM edit delete
That sounds awesome! Good news all around!!

Let us know how the home building goes, and if you do get it done, I hope we'll get to see pictures. Renting sucks, I'll be glad to be putting money towards our future (and the banks.....) rather than our current situation.