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Just Jump Already (GBK#503)

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Just Jump Already (GBK#503)
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alparrott 4th May 2010, 5:00 PM edit delete
Jordan, my roommate, commented: "Those are the worst firemen ever."
alparrott 4th May 2010, 10:09 PM edit delete
In case you somehow missed the late-breaking news from yesterday... GBK just went over 10,000 unique pageviews. We also have achieved, between here and Facebook, about 600 fans/subscribers. This in addition to reaching comic #500 last week. I could pat myself on the back till my arm broke, but the truth is, the credit for GBK's success goes to you, the fans.

Seems like some celebrating is in order. May I suggest you buy a t-shirt from the Merch Shoppe to assist this celebratory mood?


Magravan 4th May 2010, 6:49 PM edit delete
Hahaha! You can't choose what's under the window, or the budget cuts that affect your equipment ;)
Effigy_Power 5th May 2010, 12:13 AM edit delete
Nice job, Al... may I suggest a very special celebratory comic for all this..?

Maybe one where Kitty dies from incredible circumstances?