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Hang In There? (GBK#520)

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Hang In There? (GBK#520)
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alparrott 27th May 2010, 5:00 PM edit delete
I've been using Google SketchUp to build the floorplan to my new house. So when I decided to put Kitty on a hi-rise balcony... well, let's just say after about two minutes with a ruler, I said "what the HECK am I doing?!", pulled up SketchUp, and loaded in a hi-rise with plenty of balconies. Then it was a simple matter to do a very quick sketch of Kitty and slap it in the frame.

I'll see you on Monday... enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, and drive safe!


Effigy_Power 27th May 2010, 11:34 PM edit delete
I don't have any anxieties about height... well, I didn't before this one.
Skrael 28th May 2010, 2:55 AM edit delete
Wow, that really puts things into perspective.

Also, my stomach did a nose dive when I first looked at this!