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Aftermath and Questions

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Aftermath and Questions
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alparrott 18th Mar 2012, 5:03 PM edit delete
Sorry about missing last week! To be honest, I wasn't sure this week was going to happen. Last weekend, I was visiting friends about three hours away from home when I came down violently (like paint the walls with lunch and dinner) sick. It was all we could do to get me home and get me to bed. This week, much the same, except this time it was the wife's turn. I got this strip done while she was taking a nap.

Thankfully, the extra week allowed me to do a little bit more composing and script refinement, leading to the fire captain being "righter than he knows".

What light will G.R. shed on these proceedings? Stay tuned...


Effigy_Power 19th Mar 2012, 5:37 AM edit delete
"Here it gets complicated" said Carrot-Top, as he spun 4 golden whales on his left pinky and blinked his 8 eyes at the crowd.
"And surreal."